Tiger Cool Express

Tiger Cool Express provides intermodal solutions to deliver perishable and temperature controlled commodities door-to-door using rail-based transportation.

Hudson Fiber Holdings

Hudson Fiber Network is a data transport provider, offering high-bandwidth, low-latency networking solutions for financial, content, carrier and enterprise customers.

Sunlight Financial

Sunlight Financial offers consumer loans to the rapidly growing residential solar rooftop market through partnerships with leading installers and solar distribution companies.

American Natural

American Natural owns and operates a network of multi-fuel stations that offer compressed natural gas fuel in addition to conventional fueling station offerings.

Etix Everywhere

Etix Everywhere designs, builds, owns and operates highly customizable modular data centers.

SmartSky Networks

SmartSky is creating the first 4G-LTE based, Air-to-Ground communications network in the U.S. to provide next generation in-flight connectivity to the aviation industry.

Summit Brazil Renewables

Summit Brazil Renewables owns a controlling stake in F&S Agri Solutions which is developing a corn-ethanol plant in Mato Grosso, Brazil.